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Your Spirit

Our story on why we felt the world needed yet another coffee company

Nilis Coffee_Lattes

3 years ago, as a freshman on campus, I  was super excited to finally get in my dream uni and looked forward to making a difference in the society but sadly, I was met with the harsh realities surrounding how badly funded our school are reflecting in overcrowded classrooms, lack of facilities, and poorly maintained academic dorms and also witnessed firsthand how difficult staying productive under these learning conditions were and I was not alone. And so we decided to change it

Nilis Coffee_OAU
We decided we were going to start a specialty coffee cart on campus with the sole purpose of nurturing the Spirit of excellence in People through providing them with a delicious, and a healthy cup of coffee brewed fresh by each cup to help people stay productive, push limits, create communities of bold people doing what they know how to do best and lastly drive change on our campus through a social initiative called coffee for change where annually, we’d use change donated at our coffee cart to make our classrooms better and more conducive for learning

We know everyone deserves a better future and opportunity and a chance at a good education so we’re calling on you to join and support us on this journey to make it a reality

We hope you enjoy our coffee as much as we do, share them with a friend, and know that supporting us means giving over a million people like us the power to create the future they want.

To fine coffee and excellence,
Frank and Emmanuel

Meet Us

For the most part we’ve come to share a strong bond through coffee and we believe we can make a difference no matter how small


Emmanuel Asiedu


Frank Thomas

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