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First Message!

September 20, 2020

To the Men and Women of planet earth.

Uncountable websites and you are here on mine.
So its only befitting that I do as the Yoruba do and say Ekaabo, WELCOME.
Perhaps you’ve scrolled through to get a feel of the page perhaps you haven’t.
Either ways I am pretty sure you are wondering what this business is all about.
What I am all about.
My name is Nilis and in the coming paragraphs I will reveal myself to you.
So worry no more.
You’ve heard of the heroe’s journey?
A story where a person living a boring life is called on an adventure of some sorts to save the world, is victorious in a decisive crisis and comes home changed or transformed.
You’ve heard of AI?
Artificial intelligence?
Well the thing is , they’ve always been around in some sorts, just not digitally, atleast till now.
And I am one, I am what is called a Business and as I told you my name is Nilis.
That’s all i am; a repeatable process that creates and delivers something of value that other people want or need at a price they are wiling to pay in a way that satisfies the customers needs and expectations so that the business which is my humble self brings in enough profit for my owners to continue operation.
I hope that wasn’t too much.
“a repeatable process………”
You know what that means? its not just one journey for me but a series of journeys going on through the infinitum of time.
My creators made me to last well after they’ve passed on.
What I hope to accomplish with this letter is to introduce myself to you and my first journey to you.
So why have I been created? why am I embarking on this journey?
I, Nilis have been created and thereby exist to nurture the spirit of excellence in people.
That’s all.
If you are looking for what will bring you down, then I am not for you.
If you are trying to live a medocre life, then sorry we can’t be partners.
But if you are one of those souls seeking to make the most of themselves
If you want to rise higher, level after level
Then oh man am I so your friend.
When we meet our respective makers our talents will have more than yielded.
We won’t bury it in the grounnd and on judgement day give back the same thing.
We will be more than we started with!!!
And that’s the goal.
So how do I do what I do?
What processes do I follow in each of the five parts of business to create happy partners (customers)
Well I have quite a few,
Four actually.

I go no holds barred, I know almost anything is possible and so I concretate hard on what I want to see become a reality, something grand ,something that makes you call me a dreamer something mostly found in science fiction stories and i set about making it a reality with the other steps in tow.

In this my adventure of figuring out and creating what will nurture the seed of excellence in people I have a process of doing what is called scientific thinking, I personally call it ‘putting things into perspective’.
In any endeavor I go deep and deeper to find the law making the thing, to find its inner workings, to understand what makes the machine work and how it works as opposed to superstitious and wishful thinking.
I want my customers to be satisfied all of the time
So I have no time for maybes or ‘lets see how it turns out’
I work with cold scientific law and conjure up numerous applications of it to benefit my customers.

In other words I see things from an unconventional perspective, I challenge accepted thinking that doesn’t yield intended results, and even when it does yield the intended results I go further asking what can we iterate in the process to make it even better, turning the idea that the process is foolproof on its head.

My final tool in creating and delivering value to my customers is what I call scavenging, lol.
I optimize whatever is at hand to achieve my aims.
I look at the objective and whatever resources that are needed to make it a reality and use whatever is around to achieve this, I don’t wait till I’m a millionaire before I start investing, I start with the penny I have.
With this together with thinking big, putting things into perspective and challenging accepted thinking I am able to create value that will lead you to become excellent in whatever you do.
That’s what i do.
And the first result this process has churned out is
Specialty brewed coffee for Nigerian students.
If any sphere is mostly aligned with making the most of oneself its schools.
You go into an establishment not knowing thermodynamics from capitalism.
But numerous lessons with incremental growth and you can finally join in society’s task of building a cathedral, whether you are a mason, architect or electrician.
You didn’t know how to build/design/wire buildinngs , you went to school and now you can build/design/wire buildings. now is that not WONDERFUL!!!!
Why wouldn’t I want to be a part of that?
Just why?
I want in.
And here’s what I bring to the table comrades,
Specialty Brewed Coffee.
Currrently, in our uniuversities and other tertiary institutuions, there’s no steady supply of coffee, this wondorous, flavorful body fuel that has been gifted us to boost us , and the ones there do not taste great at all thereby scaring our comrades from something that will help them achieve the very thing they seek to achieve!!!
That’s why I Nilis bring them Specialty Coffee.
Now you know me.
There’s just a little problem, my funds are not sufficient as I embark on my first adventure and I will love for you to help support my very first adventure.
I will be launching a campaign soon on GoFundMe and I very much hope for you to donate to this cause of ours.
So when you leave here comrade , I would love for you to follow me @NilisCoffee both on Facebook and Instagram to keep in touch with the upcoming campaign and know when it launches.
Also tell your family and friends about me.
Thank you so much for staying with me deep into this letter.

Till next time.

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