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Your daily companion to excellence

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Fine coffee for those pushing limits daily

We saw how a lot of us struggle mostly with staying productive firsthand, coupled with the determination to make our community or campus more conducive for learning; so we sought to make a difference by starting a coffee shop on our campus with a purpose of nurturing the spirit of excellence in people.

Nilis Coffee_Donut

beyond coffee

Instant Gratification

Coffee as you probably don’t know it

Fine Coffee

We brew and serve our coffee fresh by each cup and no funny stuff so you can stay active and healthy all day!

Your daily companion

We know how lonely and tough it can be showing up everyday trying to make a difference. Not anymore, we want to be part of your journey everyday

Earth's best friend

Forget PR stuff, our business is built with the environment in mind and not as an afterthought. We know it's a bold claim - one we're proud to make.

Coffee for Change

Because of our passion for excellence, we’ve committed to initiate a change for change programme where we'd use funds donated towards making our environment conducive for learning. So know that every cup of coffee you buy and change donated is making our schools better.

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Nilis Coffee_Social Sciences OAU
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Coffee 4 Change

Our schools and communities deserves to be better and so because of our passion to nurture the spirit of excellence in people, we’re committed to driving real change and making our environment better

Nilis Coffee_OAU
Nilis Coffee_Social Sciences OAU
nilis coffee_fair trade

we need your help

How you can help

Support our fundraiser on Gofundme
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How much are we raising?

$6,500 (Six Thousand Five Hundred Dollars Only).

Why are we raising?

We're two broke Uni guys trying to do things different and so far have funded this project from our savings. We need your help to buy equipment. Construct and Stock our cart with inventories. Nurture the spirit of excellence in 1500 people.

How you can help

We really rely on your help to make this happen so please consider donating to our GOFUNDME or telling your friends about us and sharing your story.

Nilis Coffee_Support

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Be part of our journey every step of the way. We need you 🙂 

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What people are saying...

We want to share our story with everyone. So let us know if you’d like to write about us or know someone who’d like to. Send us an email:


What's Brewing

We write a bit about our coffee journey, what’s new in our store and some fun stuff!

nilis coffee_fair trade

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